Literacy Initiative for Today (LIFT)

Amnesty Program sponsored by the University. When the program ended Henry Dominquez (UST Student) approached Michel Leavett (OVO Director) about starting a literacy program. Henry found the LIFT program. 8 weeks long. Operated by volunteers and students. 100-130 students per session. 12-20 volunteers. 4-6 levels. Prof. Cunningham's Wife very instrumental in helping to develop the program. She was involved with the READ commission and worked in the International studies program. <br> Michael Leavett Director OVO1991 - Dr. McFadden and Henry started OVO . OVO's job was to Coached students in developing program that address student's issues.

Directors of LIFT

Henry Dominquez fall 1991-1993

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Evette Ortega

Michele Colvert Spring 1997 – Fall 1999

Fernando Cruz Spring 2000 Spring 2003 Assisted the Director Kathy and Donna

Kathy Unk? Spring 2003 Very Short Time

Donna Ruth Spring 2000 Spring 2003

Chip Moore Fall 2003 Very Short Time

Donna Ruth Fall 2003 - November 2004

Alicia Campos Fall November 2004 - Spring 2005

Emma Murillo Fall 2005 - Fall 2013

David Godwin Fall 2009 - Present

David Godwin and Susana Cuellar Spring 2014 - Present

Under OVO From August 1991 – Spring 2009

Michael Leavett and Ellie Collier

Under Office of Student Affairs from Fall 2009 – Present

Patricia McKinley Vice President of Student Affairs and Patti Amaya

Active Volunteers with more than 5 years of services

Al Lazzeri
Angela Lange
David Godwin
Liz Bennett
Frank Taylor
Tina Reyna
Eric Neel
Emma Murillo
Kim Thoa Nguyen

AS AN INSTRUCTOR • Have an impact on Literacy and Social Justice Issues • Gain leadership experience • Take part in tutor workshops and in-services • Sharpen personal English skills • Improve organizational skills • Make new friends • Learn about other cultures
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AS A LEARNER • • Learn to communicate in English • Increase your social awareness • Receive instruction from trained teachers • Attend educational seminars • Be a part of an excellent learning environment • Make new friends • Learn about other cultures
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